These guidelines are in place to help keep everyone safe, to maintain the traditions of the hunt and to provide an enjoyable day of sport in our hunt field.

  • The Master of Fox Hounds (MFH) is in charge in the field; to help him are a huntsman and two or more whips. Give these officers complete right of way and obey requests promptly and willingly. Be far enough away so as not to interfere with their work and do not attempt to assist them unless asked to do so. Ask all the questions you want.
  • Do not over-ride your Field Master! You will crowd or over-ride the main body of hounds. In overtaking straggler hounds, give them as wide a berth as possible to avoid any chance of stepping on them.
  • Don’t crowd the horse in front. Watch out for checks; be able to pull up your horse in plenty of time.  At checks, keep behind and well away from the pack.
  • When hacking between runs, the field should keep as compact as possible behind the Field Master.  When in traffic you must keep to the right, going single file and yield to traffic.
  • Ride quietly to the hunt, keeping behind the leading officers. Ride home quietly after a hunt and bring your horse in cool.
  • Learn to take an interest in the hounds and in watching them work. Know as many of them as you can by name.
  • Visitors should give way to members and keep well back until thoroughly familiar with their horse and with the procedure of the hunt.
  • Spectators following in cars must keep behind or well to the side of the line of hunt.
  • Remember hunting is not a race. Ride safely and sanely and be sure you can fulfill the requirement of safety.
  • Report any damages to property to the Field Master, particularly to fencing or jumps.
  • Close all the gates after passing through. It is proper to designate one person to close the gates; a courtesy is for a second person to wait for them.
  • Allow at least 30 minutes before the scheduled departure of the hunt to have sufficient time to saddle your horse and present yourself to the Masters.
  • Proper dress is desired. Guests and juniors always have permission to wear “ratcatcher” at any meet.  See any of the Masters should you have any questions or if you need guidance on appointments or attire.
  • Should you bring a guest to the meet, please introduce them to the Masters and the Secretary. Assure their safety by providing them with this pamphlet: informing them of the rules. (Secretary and the Masters have them available).  Also see that the guest signs a release form and pays their capping fee