Attire & Appointments

General Considerations

When starting out with the hunt it is not required you have all the correct attire and appointments but please come with neat, tidy well fitting tack and attire. Helmets and boots with a heel are required. Helmets should fit well regardless of whether they have a harness or not. Long hair is best contained in a hair net.

Saddle flasks, sandwich cases, fence tools, camera cases, etc. should be unobtrusive. Try to keep appearances neat, clean and workman-like as well as make sure your cell phone is turned off.

Coats should remain buttoned while a rider is mounted. Hunting tack is simply that which is most appropriate for the job: plain and strong. Bridles, reins, and stirrup leathers cut from a heavier pattern are more dependable in the hunt field. It must be clean, serviceable, and reliable. Check girth, reins, and stirrup leathers frequently. Breastplates are a good idea, both for the comfort of the horse and the added safety of the rider. ASTM safety helmets and safety vests are always welcome!

Cub Hunting Season

Excepting Masters and staff, members wear a tweed jacket of a muted colour; tan or brown breeches; a plain tie or ratcatcher shirt; brown or black boots and black velvet helmet.

Formal Hunting Season

FVH members with buttons: Specifics of the proper formal hunting coat are available from the MFH.  Generally the gentlemen member’s coat is scarlet, round corned, single-breasted frock coat of Melton cloth, with forest green collar.  The member’s coat will have 3 buttons in front, 2 buttons behind and 2 or 3 buttons on the cuff of each sleeve.  The lady’s coat is black with forest green collar and buttons same as the gentlemen’s coat. Breeches should be white or buff for gentlemen members; buff, brown or yellow for the lady members. Boots are black calf hunting boots with brown tops for gentlemen and optional black patent tops for ladies. A gentlemen’s top hat or ladies bowler are permitted but NOT recommended.

FVH Members without buttons: should wear black coat as above, breeches should be tan and black boots without tops.

Juniors & Guests:  are not required to comply, however, chosen dress should be clean and neat.

Stock Tie

The stock tie is a very useful part of a fox-hunter’s kit. It can be used as bandage, sling, tourniquet, headlight reflector when hung behind at night, etc.