Hunting Tips

Hunting With Fraser Valley Hunt
The season opens in late September with weekly cub hunting and the opening meet takes place in late October or early November. From then until Easter, the hunt meets every Saturday morning at 11am.

Cub hunting is the early season hunting which traditionally was when young hounds were introduced to the pack. During this early part of the season, the attire is less formal. During all hunts, riders in a hunt may be divided into two or three groups, each led by a field master. The first field follows the hounds as closely as possible. The second or third fields (hilltoppers) follow at a slower pace. New members are recommended to ride with the hilltopping group until they feel comfortable with their riding ability and their horse’s behaviour.


Safety is always paramount, and there are many things you can do to help ensure your own safety as well as the safety of others. Please read the following guidelines and familiarize yourself with them before you come out to hunt.

Hunt Cap with harness is recommended for Adults and MANDATORY for juniors under 18.
Inspect your horse and equipment before mounting, giving special attention to your girth and curb chain. Safety is paramount.


These guidelines are in place to help keep everyone safe and provide an enjoyable day of sport in our hunt field.

The Master of Fox Hounds (MFH) is in charge in the field; to help him or her are a huntsman and two or more whips. Give these officers complete right of way and obey requests promptly and willingly. Be far enough away so as not to interfere with their work and do not attempt to assist them unless asked to do so. Ask all the questions you want. Do not over-ride your Field Master or crowd the main body of hounds. In overtaking straggler hounds, give them as wide a berth as possible to avoid any chance of stepping on them.

Attire & Appointments

General considerations

When starting out with the hunt it is not required you have all the correct attire and appointments but please come with neat, tidy well fitting tack and attire. Hunt caps and boots with a heel are required. Hunt caps should fit well regardless of whether they have a harness or not. Long hair is best contained in a hair net.

Saddle flasks, sandwich cases, fence tools, camera cases, etc. should be unobtrusive. Try to keep appearances neat, clean and workman-like and please make sure your cell phone is turned off.

Fox Hunting Terms

Every sport has it’s own unique terminology and the hunt sport is no exception. Following are a number of commonly used terms that you may hear in the hunt field.