Hunter Pace September 23, 2018

Come try a Hunter Pace and experience how fun and exciting this sport can be!

Novice—Hill Toppers — trot/canter,  no jumps.
Advanced — First Field — canter/controlled gallop, jump natural obstacles.
Max height —. 75m – .90m   Course is approximately 3 km.

A hunter pace is a competition in which the trail is marked for horse and rider to follow.
The trail is rated at the speed that the First, Second and Hill Topper fields would travel if they
were fox hunting.  The winning pace time is the ideal time to safely finish the predetermined trail.
Competitors go out individually or in teams of two and three to ride the trail.
Each group of riders is timed.  Riders are penalized for either riding too fast or too slow off the pace time.  The group to come closest to the pace time wins the competition, whether over or
under the pace time.

**Riders must be able to handle their horse in an open setting.**
HCBC membership, helmets and boots required.  Course available on the day.

Registration starts at 10:00 am at the 208th St side entrance to CVP cross country field, or to register early contact Aar Koeman

                              First Field leaves at 11:00 am sharp! Entry form and details here