About Fraser Valley Hunt

The Fraser Valley Hunt was founded in 1968, and was recognized in 1972 by the governing body of Hunts in North America – the Masters of Foxhounds Association of America. Our hunts are drag hunts, meaning that the scent of the fox is laid down or dragged in a manner to simulate live hunting. Today’s hunters have a special reward, the permission to ride over private land, which constitutes magnificent open spaces. No group of individuals is more aware of this privilege, nor is there a group more outspoken in their desire to protect and preserve their environment. Since the course taken can be predicted, the integrity of the farmlands is preserved and the safety of the horse and rider can be emphasized.¬†It is no doubt a fun day on your horse and galloping over the countryside on a fine horse that boldly meets his fences is exhilarating.¬†People from all walks of life and any age enjoy it.

In addition to riding across country and watching hounds work, hunters enjoy the very great pleasure of the fellowship and camaraderie that goes with the sport. What finer way to meet with friends than to hunt during the day, then relax and socialize during the breakfast afterward.