Riding To Hounds With The Fraser Valley Hunt Club


The Fraser Valley Hunt Club keeps alive the age-old tradition of riding to hounds.  For the riding enthusiast, nothing can compare to galloping a fine horse, eager to meet his fences, across open country on a crisp fall morning with hounds in full cry.

As in most of Canada and Continental Europe, ours is a ‘drag hunt’ ;  the hounds  follow an artificial scent laid from horseback; no foxes are endangered,  yet the horsemanship, hound handling, camaraderie and excitement of the sport are wonderfully preserved.

Since the course taken can be predicted, the integrity of the farmlands loaned for the purpose is preserved, and the safety of the horse and rider is emphasized.

Most ‘hunts’ last 1 ½ to 3 hours, riding over varied terrain in spectacular countryside not usually available to the public.


Why Ride With Us?

Because it’s so much fun for both horse and rider. Horses love, thrive, and benefit from the opportunity to gallop freely, exercising their jumping skills, while riders revel in the thrill of this exciting, yet non-competitive sport.  It’s ideal for conditioning eventer’s and jumpers, and builds confidence and skills for any trail horse and rider.

The hunt is divided into groups, called ‘fields’, according to the speed ridden, so riders from all walks of life and virtually any age group can enjoy the experience.

New riders, or green horses, need not jump or fast gallop; they  can start in the “hill-topping” field with their own Fieldmaster travelling at a reasonably sedate pace at the back, and move up to the  Second Field  which travels at an easy canter as they build confidence.

Advanced riders can challenge themselves over both manmade and natural jumps in  the First Field   immediately behind the  Huntsman and hounds  and pursuing at a full gallop. The field masters in the hilltopping and second field will ensure, fences and obstacles can be jumped or avoided at the rider’s discretion.

To cap off the morning’s excitement is the opportunity to socialize, relax and swap stories at the traditional hunt breakfast which follows. The camaraderie and good sport experienced by the Fraser Valley Hunt would be impossible without an eclectic mix of members. We are actively seeking new-comers and invite one and all to enjoy the unique and timeless tradition of riding to the hounds with us.