Please welcome our new Kennelman Alysha Baxter

July 30, 2016 – The Fraser Valley Hunt Society is pleased to announce the hiring of Alysha Baxter as the Society’s new Kennelsman. Alysha will start working with the hounds in August, and will assume full time duties in kennels in September. Alysha brings with her considerable experience, and a lifelong interest, in both horses and canines. She’s previously hunted with, and whipped in for, the Fraser Valley Hunt. The expectation is that Ms. Baxter will not only maintain and manage our pack, but will develop the experience and ability to successfully and safely hunt our hounds in the future.

2 thoughts on “Please welcome our new Kennelman Alysha Baxter

  1. Val

    trying to find out if there is an entry form or rules for the Merritt Hunt. My husband and I would like to come Sunday then see if we would like to do the Monday Hunt.Thanks for any more info
    Val and Bob Davenport

    1. Carol Champion

      There is no entry form, you just have to sign a waiver when you arrive and call the kennel hotline the night before to make sure we are riding.

      There is no fee to ride the exercises on Sunday. See the website under Hunting
      Tips, and Conventions and Safety for general conduct guidelines. There is no formal dress code for guests, just neat and tidy clothes and helmets mandatory for juniors.


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