Locations of Meets

These are the various locations where we usually ride. Please note that these are private lands and only available for us to ride with the hunt club and the permission of the landowners on the day of the meet.

John & Darcie Kerkhoven
9990 Tremblay Rd.*
Deroche, B.C. | View on map
*Note: Google maps in inaccurate; Hodgson road is a no thru road and the ride site must be accessed via Athey Road.

Kenan MacKenzie & Lynn Putland’s
1498 Lockyer Road
Roberts Creek, Sunshine Coast | View on map

Campbell Valley Park Entrance
1300 Block of 208 Street
Langley, BC

Hessels Farm
4949 112 Street
Delta, B.C. | View on map

Kilby Museum
220 Kilby Road
Kent, B.C. | View on map

Mid-Nicomen Island
Meet at 40800 block, Nicomen Island Trunk Road, Deroche, B.C. | View on map

Wayne & Barb Devries
6935 Northwest Drive
Ferndale, Washington | View on map

Whatcom County
Lynden, Washington
Meet at Clearbrook Community Lutheran Church, corner of Van Buren Rd & Halverstick Road | View on map.

Riverlands, Red Barn
8100 Pemberton Meadows Road
Pemberton, B.C. | View on map.

Sunshine Coast
1498 Lockyer Road
Roberts Creek, B.C. | View on map.

VanderMeulen (Muxlow)
Popkum Road at McGregor Road North
Rosedale, B.C. | View on map